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NHL Trade: The Vancouver Canucks Trade For Tyler Toffoli

The Los Angeles Kings have traded forward Tyler Toffoli to the Vancouver Canucks for Tim Schaller, Tyler Madden, a 2020 2nd round draft pick, and a conditional 2022 4th round pick if Toffoli re-signs with the Canucks.

The Kings are not retaining any salary.

The 27-year old Toffoli was drafted 47th overall in the 2nd round of the 2010 draft. The pending UFA carries a $4.6 million cap hit.

The 29-year old Schaller was undrafted. The pending UFA carries a $1.9 million salary cap hit.

The 20-year old Madden was drafted 68th overall in the 3rd round of the 2018 draft.

Neal McHale: Tyler Madden on TSN1040: “I knew there was a possibility but I didn’t think much of it just sitting in my dorm room playing video games”

Thoughts from the media

Patrick Johnston: “Toffoli a very nice pickup but 2nd rounders are valuable and you all know about Madden’s potential. And re-signing Toffoli will be a big big challenge. That said, weak division leaves a big open playoff door. Definitely a win-now move.”

Mike Halford: “Steep price, to be sure. But on the other hand….. F it, let’s goooooooooo”

J.D. Burke: “The #Canucks  are in year one of being a playoff contender. They’re capped out. They don’t pick until about 75th overall.”

J.D. Burke: “It’s not like Tyler Madden was that far off from being an everyday NHL contributor either. Maybe a year or two? Potentially by the end of next season?”

J.D. Burke: “Damn. This is not the move I would make in Vancouver’s shoes. Way too early in their competitive arc to be jettisoning players with this level of upside. They need cost controlled talent for the long haul.”

Scott Wheeler: “The Canucks better hope they can re-sign Toffoli on a reasonable deal and avoid a spiral down the stretch. There’s only one point separating them (second in the Pacific) from the Yotes (fifth in the Pacific).”

Jonathan Willis: “Looks like Vancouver paid in full for Toffoli. That’s a lot to give up for a rental. Really good player, though.”

Cam Robinson: “Well, Toffoli is a legitimate top six winger. But he’s a 50 point guy on his way to 28 and looking at unrestricted free agency. This is a hefty price to pay.”

Dimitri Filipovic: “That deal the Canucks just made is the type of trade you make when you’re one player away from winning a Stanley Cup, not one player away from making the playoffs”

Todd Cordell: “I love Tyler Toffoli like I love Red Bull (OK, maybe not that much) but I would not be thrilled parting with Tyler Madden. Canucks better hope they can get Toffoli re-signed. If not, that’s a tough piece to lose for a few months of hockey.”

Tony Ferrari: “The more I look at this trade, the less I like it. Toffoli is legitimately good but not a needle mover really. Giving up Tyler Madden really sucks. Not having a pick in the top 75 is going to really suck. Not my favourite move from the #Canucks point of view.”

Josh Tessler: “Damn. Losing Tyler Madden in the Tyler Toffoli trade is going to sting. LA keeps adding talent to their exceptional system.”

Bill Comeau: “Two potential downsides on Toffoli (besides being a pending FA) are his low relative to teammates expected goals against and his low shooting percentage ranking over the past year and a half.”

Tyler Toffoli

Tim Schaller

Tyler Madden

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