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NHL Rumors: The Minnesota Wild are leery of players with term unless their game-breakers

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Monday’s The Jeff Marek Show: Is Mitch Marner‘s Streak. “The Streak”? on the Minnesota Wild.

** transcription

Friedman on Brock Boeser: “I know a lot of people are wondering about Minnesota. I think the problem with Minnesota is. they’re very careful about adding any term and I think if they’re going to add term, it’s going to have to be in a way that’s advantageous to them.”

Marek: “Speaking of Minnesota. We all know Bill Guerin. First of all, straight-shooting guy. Secondly, not scared. and big bold moves. Here was are in early December. December the 5th and I would imagine managers around the NHL are starting to get itchy to do things with their team.

How frisky do you expect Minnesota, we all understand the cap hell reality that they are going through, so park that. How aggressive do you think Guerin gets?”

Friedman: “Well I think as you said, he’s generally aggressive to begin with. I think he’s going to look to find a scorer. I do. We’ll see what that means. We’ll see how he has to juggle things.

I’ve just been told about them, they’re not adding term unless it’s an absolute game-breaker of a player. And that’s kind of what I understand. That’s one of the reasons that Reaves fit well for them, was only a one-year deal. And I think that’s kind of where they are.

He’ll look for a scorer but it’s more likely than not it’s going to be a rental unless it’s a complete game-changer.”

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